Sunday, November 24, 2013

10 Random Thoughts After Watching Dirty Dancing in Your 30s

Recently re-watched that classic 80s movie, Dirty Dancing. I guess it was a lot longer since I’d watched it than I originally thought, because I feel like I remembered next to nothing about it, except the abortion. Hence, random thoughts.

10. The phrase “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” actually doesn’t make sense in the context of the movie.
9. Patrick Swayze was 35 in that movie…I am almost that old and I will never be in such good shape. (He makes black look really good!)
8. Jennifer Gray was 27 in that movie…and yet she totally looked 18. Making the age difference between her and Patrick Swayze seem kind of…gross. Though now that I know their real ages, it is totally fine. 
7. Why did Jennifer Gray ever get that nose job?
6. Jane Brucker, who plays Baby’s sister Lisa, was 29 when the movie came out, further confusing me as to whether she is supposed to be playing Baby’s older or younger sister. (I have never been clear on that!)
5. Her performance on stage singing "Hula Hana" is brilliantly awful, however.
4. The music and hair styles are just as confusingly 80s as they always seemed to be.
3. I really really need to re-watch Patrick Swayze in North and South (1985).
2. The “dirty dancing” of the movie is really…pretty dirty. Dirtier than I remembered! Forget twerking, this is way hotter.
1. Baby and Johnny Castle have sex mid-way through the movie… Totally did not remember that. But it’s hotter than I remembered…

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