Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Don't Mess with Texas

20 Things I've Learned About Texas (in the 1st 2 months...)

1. People are REALLY proud to live in Texas--they put stickers on their Toyota trucks that say "Made in Texas" to prove to all the Ford & Chevy drivers that they are still supporting Texas.
2. Trucks.
3. "Don't Mess with Texas" is the slogan of the anti-littering campaign.
4. 90 degrees does, eventually, feel cool.
5. People really can't drive worth a crap.
6. There is lots of scary wildlife, like, everywhere, including tarantulas in the park.
7. Every taco imaginable can be found here.
8. Not everyone talks with a twang.
9. Cowboy hats are practical headwear, especially for balding Texans.
10. There are sidewalks, but you wouldn't want to walk on them, because you'd melt.
11. Your car is always dusty.
12. "Maine Root" is actually a Texas product.
13. Central Market is better than Whole Foods.

14. Beer is cheap here. So is gas.
15. For a state that seems so proud of its rebellious heritage, there are a lot of rules/laws to follow.
16. Kolaches & Czech/German culture that pop up in random places.
17. Everyone wants you to go to New Braunfels.
18. Everything is better in Austin. Except for the people who prefer San Antonio.
19. There are cacti everywhere. And palm trees. It's kind of like Phoenix, but more humid.
20. "Six Flags"theme park is named after the six flags over Texas, showing the different flags that have been flown over Texas throughout history. (Laredo has SEVEN, 'cause we're special.)

Next week: the Laredo edition!

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